Meet Police constable as a Software Developer

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I read this news on the TOI website last day and like to share with my blog reader. I was totally astonished when I saw a diploma holder a police constable already made dozen of software application and helped police to detect at least 200 crime till now. I think you got astonished too like I was. Yeah but its true a police constable Dilip Thakor has developed an almost dozen of software application that helped police departments to detect at 200 crimes so far.
I will share a recent incident with you. A woman came to the Ahmedabad police crime branch to make an FIR about some plain cloth police blackmailing her after catching in a private situation with her boyfriend. That fake police also taken her a good ornament worth Rs. 50000. But with the help of police constable Dilip's software police department was able to caught that culprits so fast. The woman got her ornament back with this help. 

Now, I know you all are thinking he and other the real cops does that, so it is because of software. All the cops did was type in "Odhav" and "fake police". Pink (Software name) tremendously threw up a long list of suspects and the woman was able pick up the fraudsters. 

Dilip Thakor (37) initially wasn't interested in computer but one of his senior motivated him to take an interest in it. Then by his full delegation today he is now able to reach in this position. 

I hope that you all will like this story. Thank you for reading this.
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