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Yeah you heard exactly right.
Everyone has an entrepreneur within him/her. But then why there is only one steve job, dhirubhai ambani, ratan tata,bill gates...........it's because these people were different from us or are we different from them. Either they were born god gifted or we are born without it.
Giving it a thought! GREAT
so what is your thought?....... you reply it to me.
I tell you what I think. 
These people actually has/had the eye's which analyzed the present condition of situation and then peeped through the window of that present situation into its future value . They possessed same mind that we have but the calculative power of it was very fine, which helped them to initiate with every new project with calculated risks.They were not afraid of walking through  the muddy path due to the fear  of getting their legs dirty but they jumped and played in muddy environment to find if they could gain or learn something from it. Many a time they got nothing but that didn't bother them because they were aware of their games condition-either win or loss.
In these stupid attempts, there were atleast one chance when they gained something and that was enough to differentiate them from others like us.And thus it is rightly said " Winning is not that important as is taking part". They took part almost everywhere and won somewhere to gain the name and fame worldwide.
So what you people are waiting for?
Take part everywhere and search an entrepreneur within you with calculative mind, optimistic eye, and creative hands.
BEST OF LUCK.....................

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