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My name is PREET.But my son accidentally types the by interchanging a pair of letters in my name.What is the probability that despite this interchange, the name remains unchanged? a.5% b.20% c.25% d.12.5%

there are 10 possible pairs

out of which 1 will not change my name.

so probability that name remains unchanged = 1/10 = 10%

Roy is now 4 year older than Erik and half of that amount than Lewis.If in two years Roy will be twice as old as Erick,then in two year what would be Roy age multiplied by Lewis age??

Ans:ans is 48
firstly two equation from 1st sentence ..
suppose roy=x, erik=y, lewis=z
so x=y+4....(1)
2nd is x=z+2...(2) (Roy is now 4 year older than Erik and half of that amount than Lewis so 4/2=2)
also after 2 years erik and roy relation wil b
x+2=2(y+2).. (3)
so put this into 1st equ. u will get y=2..
and then x=6,z=4(by substituting other)
nw asking multiplication after two years of roy n lewis is (6+2)*(4+2)=48..

a man cut small cubes of 3 cubic cms each. Which he joined to form a cube wit 10 cubes length, 3 cubes in depth and 3 cubes wide. How many more small cubes does she require to form a perfect cube?

At present, the number of cubes used are 10*3*3=90. For a perfect cube, the cube should be 10 cubes length, 10 cubes in depth, and 10 cubes wide, i.e. 10*10*10=1000. So, additional number of cubes required is 1000-90= 910

one person has no siblings and says,"the guy in the photo is the only son of my fathers's son". what is the relation of the guy to the person

His own son.

in a shopping mall with staff of 5 members, the average is 45.After 5 years a person joined them and the average is again 45. what is the age of 6th person?

Since the average age is 45 yrs for the 5 members.
sum total of their ages = 45 X 5=225 yrs.
after 5 years, sum total of their ages = 225 + ( 5 X 5 ) = 250 yrs
now , let x be the age of the 6th person, so
the sum total of age is now = (250 + x ) yrs.
given the average is 45 yrs.
( 250 + x )/ 6 = 45
or, x = 20 yrs.
so, the age of the 6th person is 20 years.

49 members attend the that 22 are males,17 females.the shake hands between males,females,male, 12 people given shake many such kinds of such shake hands are possible?

If you mean only 12 persons shook hands .
then 12C2 = 66 possible shake hands

what is the reminder when 6^17+17^6 is divided by 7?

First break the sum into two parts..
(i) 6^17 (ii) 17^6

sol-(i)- By remainder theorem there are always two remainders for any number, i.e. one is in negative and another is positive. In this case when we divide 6 by 7 we will get two remainders that is 6 and (-1). We can take any of these but for simplicity we will take (-1) is the remainder. Now (-1)^17 = -1.

sol-(ii)-- we have 17^6.. Now. 17^6 /7 = 3^6/7= (3^3)^2/7 = 27^2/7 = (-1)^2/7 = 1 is the remainder.

On adding case -(i) and (ii)... we will get final remainder = 0.


1   6^17 mod 7=(7-1)^17 mod 7
so 7^17 divide by 7 and remainder will 0,so we only take (-1)^17 mod 7=-1

2) 17^6 mod 7=(7*2+3)^6
so now (7*2)^17 divide by 7 and remainder will 0,so we only take (3)^6 mod 7=
729 mod 7=1
now add (1)+(2)

What is the greatest possible positive integer n if 8^n divides (44)^44 without leaving a remainder?
a)14 b)28 c)29 d)15

44^44 = 2^88 *11^44
= 8^29 * 2 * 11^44
so ans is 29

Complete the series 2, 7, 24, 77,__
Ans: 240

(1st no.*3)+1=(2*3)+1=7
(2nd no.*3)+3=(7*3)+3=24
(3rd no.*3)+3=(24*3)+5=77
(4th no.*3)+1=(77*3)+7=238
ist*12=3rd 2*12=24
2nd*11=4th 7*11=77
3rd*10=5th 24*10=240
so ans is (77*3)+7=240


There is a circular pond and there is a road around the pond. The road is 4ft wide. The area of the pond is 11/25 of the area of the road. What is the radius of the pond?

Ans:let radius of pond=r
then,radius of road=r+4
since area of pond=11/25(area of road)
pi r^2=11/25 pi[(r+4)^2-r^2]
after solving this equa we get

There are two container. The volume of the second container is twice than the first. Half of the first cont. is filled with Wine & The one quarter of the second container is filled with wine. Now the remaining of the both container is filled with water. There is a third container which is enough to have the total liquid of the first two containers. What will be the ratio of the total volume and wine of the third container? Answer will be 1:3

Ans:consider A(first container)=100 for A wine filled half 100/2= 50
consider B(second container)=200 for B wine filled 1/4(200)=50
this two container mixed in 3rd container let as C=300
the ratio of wine to the volume of C is 100/300=1/3(1:3)

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