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Ethical hacking enjoys great popularity in the world these days. The notion ethical hacking refers to the usage of programming skills in order to determine vulnerabilities of computer system. Ethical hacking is essentially different from non-ethical hacking in the causes for this penetration. The reasons for non-ethical hacking is mischief, personal gain etc. Meanwhile, the reasons of ethical hacking are evaluation of security system, introduction of changes to the available system with the objective to make computer system less likely to be attacked by non-ethical hackers.
So actually, ethical hacking represents an attack to the security system by a computer and network professional on behalf of its owner. High-Tech Bridge SA is the major Ethical Hacking organization that is founded in the city of Geneva, Switzerland. During short time High-Tech Bridge SA has reached impressive results on the market of IT technologies. Nowadays the company increases equity capital to CHF 2m and announces expansion both on Swiss and International IT Security markets. The target of the High-Tech Bridge SA is explained by Chief Executive Officer Mr. Ilia Kolochenko. According to him, the company's current plan is to accomplish acquisitions during the nearest three years so as to increase the organization's market share, as well as to invest CHF 1m in the company's Security Research laboratory with the objective to create a unique in-house knowledge base.
The Head of Ethical Hacking Department Mr. Frederic Bourla emphasized that the year of 2010 was a significant step in the technological development of the organization. During this year the personnel of Security Research lab was significantly increased, and new penetrating technologies and suitable ways of protection were created. The most popular service of High-Tech Bridge company is now different kinds of penetration tests with application of a unique know-how of the company. The organization also contributes to the social sphere by publishing some secutity advisories for software sellers. The peculiarity of High-Tech Bridge company is that they don't have reselling partnerships and remain absolutely neutral, in this way becoming an ideal security auditor.

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