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This post is about who are just started dreaming about Entrepreneurship in future. From my facebook profile I got to know about Yeshu Agarwal from Rachi, India (http://www.facebook.com/unavailable.account.deleted : his facebook account profile) who is doing the same think from his school days! Yes, you heard right, he is learning the technology which is present in today's scenario. He build a website called Gizmo zone (http://www.yeshuagarwal.info/) which provides knowledge and information regarding ethical hacking and cyber security.

here we go ...

1. What is your name and what you do these days ?

Yeshu: Hi ! My name is Yeshu Agarwal and I am a class 11th student from rachi.

2. What is the name of your website ?

Y: Its Gizmo Zone :- www.yeshuagarwal.info

3. How this wonderful idea came into your mind in school days?

Y: Basically many of my friends suggested me to do so.

4. Thats cool ! Your friends suggestion works actually ?

Y: Yes ! most probably.

5. What kind of stuffs people or student can get from your website?

Y: Its help computer related problem and here (at gizmo zone) you will learn stuffs like Hacking, Cracking, Modiying OS etc.

6. Okay. So, what is your plan regarding this?
Y: Till now nothing actually, I will concentrate on my studies first, its my first preference.

Alright Yeshu, Thank you for little conversation with YTA and Happy Birthday to you from YTA.
All The Best  !

so, guys if you like this post or it gave you little inspiration then do share with us because our moto is for you all guys that 
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