Short and truly inspiring story of cricketer Ashok Dinda

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He battled fate, circumstances, grinding poverty — and won. A YTA special before Lakshmi Puja.

Ashok Dinda 

Our father happened to be a homeopathic doctor. I was in Class I when we lost him. He hardly had any savings. I was the youngest among the siblings. My three brothers — Pankaj, Saroj and Manoj — had no choice but to shoulder the responsibility of our family. While one went to Bangalore, the other went to Delhi looking for really menial jobs. As a kid I realized what poverty could do to people.

I loved playing cricket. Since I could not afford a proper kit, I thanked my stars that I was a bowler. I had a pair of shoes and gloves someone had given me. I used to live in Naichanpur village, Midnapore, from where I would board a bus to Panskura at 5 am. From there, I used to take the 6.10 am train to Howrah. Then again, I would take a bus to wherever the match was being played. I had no place to stay in Kolkata. My mama used to live in Kudghat, so I would put up with him. My cousin sister took care of me, fed me.

Back to the streets

In 2001, they left Kolkata. I was once again on the streets. So, once my match was over, I would go to this embroidery factory in Santragachhi to take shelter for the night and wait outside till they finished work. Those days, getting a place to spend the nights was my primary concern. I was playing club level cricket and no one offered me a room. Finally, when I started playing for High Court, they arranged a place for me. From spending my nights at a workshop to buying a huge flat in the southern fringes of the city, the journey has been long and tedious. Travelling is not what it used to be back then and I have two cars now. I love to drive around in my SUV. The other one is a sedan. When I am touring, I stay in five-star hotels. Do I deserve all this? God only knows.

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