Child Labourers From West Bengal Turn Entrepreneurs

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Child labour SI
 A group of seven teenage girls, who toiled as labourers in brick klins as child labourers in North 24 Parganas district, have stitched up a new life for themselves by going into the tailoring business. "The idea for a tailoring business came to us after we joined a vocational training programme a few months ago," 16-year-old Fazila Khatun, one of the girls, said. Khatun recalled that her life earlier was limited to mixing soil, making mud balls, moulding, carrying heavy wet bricks for drying and finally putting them into the furnace. She was one of the 40 girls of Majlispur, which is notorious for using child labour in brick kilns, who were given basic tailoring skills by an international NGO. After completion of a six-month course, each of them were given sewing machines to begin their lives as entrepreneurs.Another girl, 17-year-old Taslima Khatun, 17, who also slaved in the klins said they began their entrepreneurship by stitching clothes for local people. "This helped us polish our skills. Then we slowly started approaching small manufacturing units. They liked our work and so now they give us regular orders," she said. "Instead of stitching clothes for neighbours we got together and approached a garment manufacturer in Rajarhat who now gives us regular work on contract," Khatun said. They go to manufacturing units in Rajarhat every week to collect orders for about 500-600 pieces of garments. "We then go home with the raw materials provided by them and do the stitching according to the design and shape prescribed," she said. From a monthly earning of around Rs 1000 by working as a 'reza' or one who carries brick to the furnace, her income has now increased to Rs 2500. Adept in stitching all kinds of clothes, they are getting orders for making salwar kameez, frocks and undergarments. Nearly 100,000 children are believed to be working in over 4000 brick kilns in the state. North 24 Parganas district adjoining Kolkata alone is estimated to have around 240 brick kilns.

Odisha Class 10 Board Exam Result Was Published On Facebook Before Declaration

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Facebook has totally gone mainstream in India and Odisha state’s Class 10 board examination results was first published on Facebook before the official declaration.odisha_board
“The names of the top 110 students were posted on Facebook Wednesday night, causing embarrassing the board as well as the government. The posting was found to be correct when the results were declared Thursday morning” [Y! news].
Was it leaked or stolen? Well, authorities are still finding it out – but it’s interesting that Facebook has become a destination to reach friends/mass, as opposed to any other social network in India. : Focused on delivering the best consumer experience in online shopping

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tags: , , , , , , , , is E-Commerce Startup in social deals & products. Upto 90% Discount, Daily Deals.

E-commerce is the big thing these days. And come to think of it there are hoards of companies, big and small, joining the bandwagon every tenth day. Opportunities are immense, challenges stiff and the market unpredictable but the craze is growing. It’s actually painting the town red.
While most of these start-ups are from tier 1 cities of Mumbai, Delhi or Bangalore, the latest one to enter the rat race is Offerbean, from a tier 2 city. The online shopping portal offers discounts, offers and daily or limited period deals. While it has pretty much what other e-commerce companies have in offer, the interesting feed is that the start up is from Jaipur, a city where most of its traders are offline retailers. The founders Abhishek Sharma and Ritesh Khandelwal belong to a small town in Dausa, Rajasthan.

The company has tied up with more than 100 of suppliers and growing their supplier’s network monthly. selling all big brands on their online shop like Dell, Samsung, HCL, Apple, Lenovo, HP, Espirit, Fastrack, Funskool etc. and working hard to tie-up with more large consumer companies to increase their portfolio. Their rich experience, customer centric approach, dual flexibility and fastest delivery track record makes them stand apart which gives an edge over others to deal successfully with real time challenges of online shopping. At the same time, they would also like to sense opportunities in the Indian Retail sector, as Indian market can see some Government policy shift.
Offerbean core team members are from IIT’s, IIM’s and have rich experience of entrepreneurship in retailing solutions business. Offerbean team is present in 12 major cities and working hard to deliver the best customer experience to their existing and new customers. And like any startup, they all work from customer support, business development to logistics.
Company officials believe that to sustain long term in the market, they have to develop their own logistics & delivery system in coming years to achieve the profitability and have plan to share these services to other players also through their “Resource Sharing Program” & “Vendor Education Program”. Company core strength is dedicated customer service and implementing corporate culture in the organizations, which helps them to acquire the large customer base.  Offerbean believes that customer service is first for them and doing number of different ways to improve the quality of service day by day. Offerbean aims to use power of internet & technology to provide best platform to their customers, vendors, partners & promoters. Offerbean is aiming to grow as #1 technical & service oriented company in eTail Business.
Offerbean is Co-Founded by Abhishek who graduated from IIT Delhi with a Degree in Computer Science & Engineering and has experience of 3+ years of working with many startups like flipkart, globrin, emriq etc.. He takes care of Technology, Marketing, Customer Satisfaction and Corporate Division of OfferBean.

Official website 

OfferBean Facebook page

To know more about Founder click here  

Admin brings businesses at a mobile loyalty platform

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Today, at early morning got to know about this guy who built his venture with so many experiences. Let see who is this guy… is run by a IIT alumni, Mr. Mayank Jha.

GoChecked is a multi-device (web, mobile app, SMS) loyalty platform to help connect business with their customers. We aim to make the loyalty program simpler for the businesses to initiate as well as for the user to participate in. 

GoChecked helps businesses in improving their customer retention, increasing their brand visibility, promoting word-of-mouth marketing and providing enhanced business intelligence.

The user can maintain and track all his points on his mobile phone and is saved the trouble of carrying many loyalty cards or logging into several different websites to use his points.

At GoChecked, Mayank has set up a mobile loyalty platform for businesses to better connect with their customers and to improve customer retention along with a host of other features.

Previously Mayank has had several years of experience across finance with Fortune 500 companies. At JPMorgan London, he has had client facing roles in Investment Banking (proprietary distressed debt trading and CLO Structuring). He has also been one of the early members of a Boston based equity research company-Trefis, where he oversaw the company growing from 6 researchers to 20 and increasing its coverage space to over 200 large cap US companies. Mayank has also worked with GE HealthCare Paris and Thomson Reuters Paris. He received a Platinum award from Thomson Reuters in May 2007 in recognition for his work.

Mayank finished his Masters in Management (Diplom de Grande Ecole) at ESCP-EAP (Paris) in June 2007 and he did his Bachelors in Mechanical engineering from IIT-Delhi in 2005.

His experiences in India, France and UK have helped him to develop an international network of trustworthy friends, to be able to work more closely in cross-cultural teams and organizations, to be more creative and flexible towards new ideas, and to have a good understanding of the industries, financial markets and business best-practices in these countries.

About CHKD Marketing Solutions

At CHKD, provide web-based marketing solutions to help businesses maximize their value by improving customer retention, while making customer's shopping experience more enjoyable. Our platform brings the latest in technology to help merchants address several basic yet important problems, such as -

1. Driving footfalls through word-of-mouth marketing 
2. Making customers return more often and spending more 
3. Identifying more profitable customers 
4. Pushing deals or business updates to valued customers regularly 
5. Understanding customer's purchase behavior and benchmarking your performance to other players 
6. Customizing your marketing campaigns for specific group of customers
Our platform is practically free and doesn't require any expensive hardware or software. Moreover, it is easily implementable and so simple that even your dumbest employee will know how to use it.
We also offer a three-month absolutely free trial period, with no strings attached, so that you can witness how it can transform your business. We will be happy to drop by at your convenience and discuss how CHKD can help you maximize the value of your business.

Mayank Jha is on Linkedin

That Entrepreneurs who changed our life : have a look

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 Steve Jobs

Vision: World’s First Personal Computer

Achievement: Apple Inc

After few days in college, Jobs soon realized that it was in no way going to fulfill his dreams. Working for many firms and designing calligraphy Jobs teamed up with a pro engineer, Steve Wozniak to produce world’s first personal computer. Jobs had this flair about him to never get into market research and achieve greatness just by following the gut feeling.

Bill Gates

Vision: A world run by computers

Achievement: Microsoft

The founder of the pioneer computer product manufacturing company Microsoft, Bill is one of the most recognizable faces in the world. He started his entrepreneurial career by founding the company with partner Paul Allen. He dropped out of Harvard before Microsoft because he just could not bring himself to go to class.

 Niklas Zennstrom

Vision: Internet Telephony Service

Achievement: Skype

The Swedish creator of Skype had envisioned seamless and easy file transferring over internet. To accomplish his goal he co-founded KaZaA Media Desktop which became one of the most popular ways of trading multimedia files over the web. After facing a lot of controversies and ruthless lawsuits, Niklas went on to design Skype which was based on similar technology as KaZaA.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin

Vision: The whole web at the fingertips

Achievement: Google

Larry’s dream to have the whole web saved on a hard drive pushed the duo of Stanford PhDs to build what is now the greatest search engine in the world. Started in a garage with nothing more than ideas and passion, the team faced lots of issues in the early days. Google is now one of the most successful tech companies and has produced many products with a goal of changing the face of the world.

 Mark Zuckerberg

Vision: Know what your friends are up to.

Achievement: Facebook

The Harvard drop out had barely any experience in business and hardly any money to start his entrepreneurial venture. In those times he relied completely on his gut and believed in the people around him. Now with a multi billion tech IPO, Zuckerberg stands to be one of the youngest successful entrepreneurs ever. Shot with many controversies all the time the leader of Facebook never gives up on the fighting spirit and keeps going forward.

William Hewlett and David Packard

Vision: To make electronics a household term

Achievement: Hewlett-Packard

In 1939, a toss of coin started the company for a mere $538 right in the middle of garbage. The duo then moved on from designing electric appliances to semiconductor based products and now their company is one of the biggest tech companies in the world. What was once envisioned by William and David, electronics and allied appliances is now a house hold term.

 Jerry Yang and David Filo

Vision: The ultimate web portal

Achievement: Yahoo!

Built for personal use by the two Stanford University alumni, Yahoo is now one of the most popular search engines around. When they came up with the idea of developing the product they were merely college pass outs and had barely any experience to build the tech empire that Yahoo is today, although slashed with a tumbling management and controversies in recent times.


Windows 8 will be challenge for Malware writers

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Microsoft™s security researcher believe that upcoming operating system, Windows 8 is a step forward in security and Windows 8 will be far better at protecting against malware than it’s predecessors.

Chris Valasek, a senior security research scientist at development testing firm Coverity, began examining the security features of Windows 8 last autumn, before the consumer previews of the upcoming revamp of the new Microsoft OS came out.

"There are always going to be vulnerabilities but you can make it difficult to leverage vulnerabilities to write exploits." One major change between Windows 7 and 8 is the addition of more exploit-mitigation technologies, however. Windows Memory Managers (specifically the Windows Heap Manager and Windows Kernel Pool Allocator) are designed to make it far harder for attackers to exploit buffer-overflow vulnerabilities and the like to push malware onto vulnerable systems.

The "security sandbox" for applications for Windows 8 will also be a great step forward. "These new Windows 8 Apps will be contained by a much more restrictive security sandbox, which is a mechanism to prevent programs from performing certain actions," Valasek explains. 

"This new App Container provides the operating system with a way to make more fine-grained decisions on what actions certain applications can perform, instead of relying on the more broad ‘Integrity Levels’ that debuted in Windows Vista/7.

Windows 8 also comes with a new version of Internet Explorer, Microsoft's browser software. Internet Explorer 10 will come with a mode that disables support for third-party plug-ins such as Flash and Java.

Learn Ethical Hacking, Android App Developing, Metasploit, etc From The Leader of The Leaders: Innobuzz

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Innobuzz Knowledge Solutions

They are providing a best Distance Learning Program (DLP) to all over India and  around Globally too. Interested Students or Working Professional can see the details.

We are privately owned Indian company based out of New Delhi, India which has been providing training and knowledge based solutions since September - 2007. Our registered office is located in Connaught Place, New Delhi, India. Innobuzz has grown from a Information Security Training Startup in 2007 to a Multi-National Information Security Training Brand with extensive reach in South East Asia.

Their objective is to provide Highly Technical Training Solutions for Individuals and Corporate on Information Security and Ethical Hacking. We currently provide training over subjects ranging from Network Security, Web Application Security, Exploit Development to Malware Analysis. In the near future our aim is to cover an even wide number of HK Domains.


Innobuzz is headquartered at Delhi with Strong presence in Australia, United State of America & Canada, apart from many other countries. The main activity of Innobuzz is providing training on Info. Security, which is delivered to its audience all over the world via CBTPs, Onsite Training Programs & company owned learning centers.

Programs run by Innobuzz are:
  • Ethical Hacking (Classroom and Distance Learning )
  • PHP/MySQL (Classroom and Distance Learning )
  • Online Marketing/SEO (Classroom and Distance Learning )
  • Network Security
  • Web Application Security (Class-room only for now )
  • Android Application Development (Distance Learning for now )

Now there are several reasons why InnoBuzz's learning materiel are best, some of them are mentioned below: 

  • The DVD contains all the tools, scripts, presentations and more, all in a full audio-video demonstration that will make your learning more interesting.
  • At the end of each course, there are several assignments that will make you research more about the subject.
  • Real world examples are given focused on practical problems.
  • InnoBuzz has a world class Research & Development team focused on improving the materiel all the time, thus the course never gets outdated.
Visit at their official site to join and learn from the leader of the leaders : Innobuzz : “Discovering India, Hassle Free!” - An Awesome Travels and Trips Company in India

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Last Sunday I visited at the corporate office of in New Delhi and talked with their Mr. Ramesh Jaiswal, Quality Assurance Manager  about their functioning of company. He gave me full details of their company and show the feedbacks of different people from India and Abroad. Trust me they work with full dedication their field. All customers of them are totally satisfied with their facilities.

Lets have a look about them .... here we go ...

Their Mission

Our mission is to make “Discovering India, Hassle Free!”.

Their Culture

We are a customer driven organization and are committed to best possible customer experience in every trip. Hence our customer service is available 24x7 via our toll free numbers. We want to hear from you with your ideas, suggestions, feedback on how we can make our service better.

Their Methodology

While travelling in India, your safety and security are of utmost importance to us. Hence we make it a priority to ensure that not only the vehicle is of high quality, but also the driver is friendly, polite, punctual and knowledgeable. We also want to ensure that your trip is smooth with no surprises. Hence we pay all necessary tolls, road taxes, state taxes to appropriate governments and our vehicles are properly registered and licensed to conduct tourism in each state we operate in.

Navneet Aron,
Co-Founder & CEO

Ajay S. Gupta,
Co-Founder & COO

Operating Cities :
They currently offer trips to about 20 cities (e.g. Agra, Jaipur, Shimla, Manali, Nainital etc..) from Delhi - National Capital Region. A lot of their customers have been asking us to launch trips from other major cities in India and they will expand to them in near future.

They offer car package tours, car + hotel package tours and hotel reservations. In addition to these basic services, they also offer tour guides, entry tickets, event and activity reservations. Their goal is to create "Zero Hassle Trips" for our custmers.

For pricing and special packages of them, please go to the website

To know about their CEO - Navneet Aron

Visit their facebook page for Rs 500/- offer ...check it on ... 

See feedback of Customers


Infosys, TCS, Wipro Created 2 Million Jobs in FY 2011-12

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The resilient Indian IT industry has shared the grave concerns expressed by Infosys' chairman emeritus N R Narayana Murthy and Wipro chairman Azim Premji on policy paralysis in the UPA government holding up reforms and growth.

"Our concerns are no different from what Murthy and Premji have expressed. Key policy issues and executive decisions pertaining to our industry have been pending for long. They require urgent attention of the government if we have to remain competitive in a challenging environment," Som Mittal, president of the National Association of Software and Services Companies ( Nasscom), told IANS.

Along with IT bellwethers Tata Consultancy Services ( TCS), Infosys and Wipro, the $100-billion Indian software and services industry contributed significantly to the Indian economic growth story, creating over two million direct jobs and accounting for 25 per cent of the country's merchandise exports, generating $69 billion in fiscal 2011-12.

Alarmed over the failure of the federal government on many fronts and its prevarication over taking tough or quick decisions to revive growth, Murthy was quoted recently as saying that he was saddened by the state of the Indian economy and the crisis of confidence gripping the country due to lack of "big ticket" reforms since 2004.

"There was a huge expectation on the introduction of many reforms by the (UPA) government. There was a lot of confidence that India would do whatever was necessary because the person ( Manmohan Singh) who was the face of economic reforms in 1991 is our current prime minister," Murthy told global financial services firm Morgan Stanley recently.

Echoing Murthy, Premji lamented how policy paralysis was hurting investor sentiment. "We are working without a leader as a country," Premji was quoted as saying at his company's meeting with analysts in Mumbai.

Murthy, who co-founded the $7-billion global software major in the 1980s, observed that the government decision to apply tax laws retrospectively had sent a wrong signal to overseas firms on investing or doing business in India.

"The government would have to take steps to do something very positive. It should indicate that it means business, and foreign investors are welcome. This has to happen in FDI (foreign direct investment) because portfolio investments are fickle," Morgan Stanley quoted Murthy saying in its research report.

Endorsing the views of Murthy and Premji, Mittal said that policy paralysis and lack of reforms were hurting even the IT industry as the government had, for instance, not yet resolved the transfer price issue or introduced the safe harbour provision for past and current claims.

"Given the widening current account deficit, we also need the government to take pro-active measures to boost exports and give incentives to promote entrepreneurship in innovative product firms. Providing basic and social infrastructure, especially in tier-two and tier-three towns is another area where the government initiative is wanting," Mittal asserted.

As a former chief executive of HP India Ltd. and an IT services expert with Wipro earlier, Mittal expressed concern over the lack of government support to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) after tax holidays were withdrawn to the industry since 2011.

"Though Special Economic Zones (SEZs) were announced with much fanfare in place of the Software Technology Parks of India ( STPI) for the industry, Minimum Alternative Tax ( MAT) on SEZ income discourages firms from opting for the scheme," Mittal said.

Sharing the industry's concerns, former Infosys director and Manipal Global Education Services chairman T V Mohandas Pai regretted that the UPA government had been simply watching the deterioration of economic activity during the past six months. 

News Submitted by Mehnaz Ahmad

Thomas Suarez: The World’s Youngest App Developer

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12 year old rising tech star Thomas Suarez impressed the tech gurus at TEDxManhattanBeach where he was invited to deliver a speech about his recently released apps for iOS devices. He addressed: ‘My parents, my friends and even the people at the Apple store all supported me… and Steve Jobs inspired me.

A 6th grade student at a middle school in the South Bay, Los Angeles, Thomas started to create and sell his own apps when Apple first released the Software Development Kit. At the tender age of nine, he found himself to be fascinated by the languages Python, Java and C and downloaded iOS Developer ToolKit and simulation tool to his computer and started practicing for hours. Within a few months, he developed his first app called Earth Fortune, which he listed at the Apple’s App Store for $99 and started his own company CarrotCorp. In an interview to the ABC News,Thomas said that he earned enough money from Earth Fortune and bought an iPod Touch. After his initial success in the first app, he started developing other apps among which “Bustin Jieber became another hit game which allows users thump the moving Justin Bieber on various positions on the screen. He has initiated an App Club at his school to share his creation and knowledge with his class-friends.
Since his development of Bustin Jieber game, he became very popular and his TED video on You Tube drew about 2 million viewers. Craig Hatkoff, the co-founder of theTribeca Film Festival, honored Suarez with Disruptive Innovation award in the shape of a hammer. In return, Thomas Suarez gave Hatkoff his MakerBot creation.

Currently, Thomas Suarez is developing games that he could be installed on both iOS as well as Android powered devices. He is determined to give several interesting apps to the world.


Library at Home : Total new and first startup company (exclusive)

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Library at Home : Total new and first startup company for Online Library Management System (exclusive news of YTA)

Total a new concept made by three friends from New Delhi, they are changing the way of library management system into online. 

Right now the office of this company situated at Gurgaon, India

About the company 

Au fait StressBusters Private Limited (AFSB), a company promoted by a group of experienced professionals, is a commitment to promote work-life balance and stress management amongst individuals. AFSB offers various products to organizations and individuals in the form of services, consultancy and workshops.

Library@Home, the flagship unit of Au fait Stressbusters Pvt Ltd, is an attempt to create an excitement in your life with knowledge and experience by inculcating a passion for reading. As Charles William Eliot says “Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.” Reading is an alternative source of relaxation and enjoyment, far more effective than most other sources.

Library@Home also offers attractive corporate library solutions suitable for corporates of all sizes. On the one hand, the corporate does not have to provide for huge resources in maintaining libraries of its own and on the other hand, can help in employees’ personal growth through self learning. Our collection includes classics and best sellers, inter alia, on personality development, leadership, inspirational and general management in addition to fictions and non-fictions.

Executive Management Team

Shyam N Patnaik, Founder and CEO has over 25 years of experience in financial services industry including 14 years with ICICI Bank. An MBA from International Management Institute, New Delhi, he has worked in almost all areas in banking and finance including retail banking, wholesale banking, commercial banking and people management. He has successfully handled several mergers and acquisitions during his tenor in various organizations. Having worked in challenging environments, he understands the need for stress management and work-life balance and has been a constant source of inspiration to teams he has worked with.

Neeraj Taneja, Director, is an Electronics engineer and has over 17 years of experience in various manufacturing and service industries including 7 years with ICICI Bank. An MBA from Institute of Management Studies, New Delhi, he has worked at senior management levels in computer manufacturing, IT solutions, supply chain and retail banking. He has successfully managed large teams in retail banking space and fully appreciates the challenges faced by today’s corporate executives. He along with the Managing Director manages the overall working of AFSB.

Deepak Pawar, Senior Consultant and Advisor-Corporate Strategy, has over 12 years of experience in manufacturing and financial services industry. An MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, he is responsible for the overall scope and direction of the company, facilitating various business units into working towards generating value to all stake holders. Deepak is also involved in financial and management consultancy and health care activities. 

Visit at their official site click here
visit at their facebook page here

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