What is the World Wide Web?

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What is The WWW?

World Wide Web

WWW is a World Wide Web. I am going to tell you a very interesting thing about it. So shall we begin?

Are you guys known what a network is? If yes, then it’s great or if not then don’t worry I am here to tell you.  Network is a mode of communication for any computers. It’s providing communicating facility to 2 or more computers. Same here WWW is a network which provides communication of text, audio, video, etc. through Internet. I can consider that all of you know about Internet ;).

Suppose you are sitting in your home and you want see Facebook’s profile of your girlfriend or boyfriend and you are connected with internet connection (make sure ;)) and of course login into Facebook then you can able to see that with any kind connections (Broadband or Dial –up connection). While using WWW you can imagine that what a nice thing is this. One of my favorite quote is The WWW is the multimedia version of the Internet”.

Hope you guys understood about WWW. If you have any problem then connect with my social networking accounts which are given below.

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