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Youth Talent Auzzar is an initiative by Sundeep Prakash Jaiswal, an engineering student from Kolkata, India to provide the knowledge and information about the things that I know. I think every human has a dream in their eyes but I have many dreams which I am achieving with my hard works. I started doing blogging in june,2011 and right now my focus is to be a professional part time blogger. 

Right now  YTA our focuses  on 

Latest Tech News, 


Ethical hacking, 

Computer Programming 


Placement papers...

Why Tech news ???
Because IT market is changing dynamically day by day and in these situation as a IT professional must know about latest tech news which keeps him/her up to date.

Why Entrepreneurship ???
Because every man is a entrepreneur of his own life but those who take risks, generate money, provides good services, provides employment to mankind from their company, they are Real Entrepreneurs and YTA salute them. That's why we publish the stories, interviews, struggle behind any company's success of the real entrepreneurs.

Why Ethical Hacking ???
Now a days this hacking word is in hot list, every one wants to be a hacker but my friends hacking is not like a programming language that you will learn in few months. It takes continuous  of practices and effort to be a good and genuine ethical hacker. YTA try to give some knowledge and information to those people who want their career as a security professional, security auditors, etc...

Why Programming ???
Programming is a first job to learn for any computer engineering student. So, as I am a Engineering student too, share some programs with its description for respective programs.

Why Placement Papers ???
Every Engineering students has one of their dream to get placed in any company. So, by publishing some papers may become helpful for students to achieve their  dreams.

Sundeep Prakash Jaiswal
B.Tech 4th year (CSE)
Certified Information Security Expert
knows C, Java, HTML, 
CSS, SQL, PL/SQL, Linux, DOTNET, Servlet, JSP.

Contact me at youthtalentauzzar@gmail.com

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"When you find a dream inside your heart, don't let it go.Because the dreams are the tiny seeds from which a beautiful tommorow grows."