Library at Home : Total new and first startup company (exclusive)

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Library at Home : Total new and first startup company for Online Library Management System (exclusive news of YTA)

Total a new concept made by three friends from New Delhi, they are changing the way of library management system into online. 

Right now the office of this company situated at Gurgaon, India

About the company 

Au fait StressBusters Private Limited (AFSB), a company promoted by a group of experienced professionals, is a commitment to promote work-life balance and stress management amongst individuals. AFSB offers various products to organizations and individuals in the form of services, consultancy and workshops.

Library@Home, the flagship unit of Au fait Stressbusters Pvt Ltd, is an attempt to create an excitement in your life with knowledge and experience by inculcating a passion for reading. As Charles William Eliot says “Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.” Reading is an alternative source of relaxation and enjoyment, far more effective than most other sources.

Library@Home also offers attractive corporate library solutions suitable for corporates of all sizes. On the one hand, the corporate does not have to provide for huge resources in maintaining libraries of its own and on the other hand, can help in employees’ personal growth through self learning. Our collection includes classics and best sellers, inter alia, on personality development, leadership, inspirational and general management in addition to fictions and non-fictions.

Executive Management Team

Shyam N Patnaik, Founder and CEO has over 25 years of experience in financial services industry including 14 years with ICICI Bank. An MBA from International Management Institute, New Delhi, he has worked in almost all areas in banking and finance including retail banking, wholesale banking, commercial banking and people management. He has successfully handled several mergers and acquisitions during his tenor in various organizations. Having worked in challenging environments, he understands the need for stress management and work-life balance and has been a constant source of inspiration to teams he has worked with.

Neeraj Taneja, Director, is an Electronics engineer and has over 17 years of experience in various manufacturing and service industries including 7 years with ICICI Bank. An MBA from Institute of Management Studies, New Delhi, he has worked at senior management levels in computer manufacturing, IT solutions, supply chain and retail banking. He has successfully managed large teams in retail banking space and fully appreciates the challenges faced by today’s corporate executives. He along with the Managing Director manages the overall working of AFSB.

Deepak Pawar, Senior Consultant and Advisor-Corporate Strategy, has over 12 years of experience in manufacturing and financial services industry. An MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, he is responsible for the overall scope and direction of the company, facilitating various business units into working towards generating value to all stake holders. Deepak is also involved in financial and management consultancy and health care activities. 

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