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UDAAN launches the entire new range of elegant handicrafts and artifacts

The entire range of products made by untapped craft skills of Tribal women

There is a very common saying, “Great things come in small packages”, and the same can be said about the talented Tribal women who belong to different corners of India but are extremely gifted when it comes to Handicrafts. Udaan is an endeavor to develop the untapped craft skills of women and provide them with a means of earning their livelihood, thus giving them the wings and freedom to achieve their dreams. Udaan manufactures elegant handicrafts and artifacts and this festive season they have launched entire new range of gifting solution. This has added a feather to Udaan’s cap. Udaan is the result of Shramik Naari Sangh’s (Sa-Ni-Sa) Employment Generation Program, especially for tribal women.


As a gifting gamut, Udaan is boasting with all hand-made products meticulously crafted and created by the tribal women. This range includes paper-bags, gift pouches, pooja, wedding garlands, door strings, envelopes, jute bags, shoulder bags, mobile pouches, table mats, tea coasters, cushion covers, yoga and meditation mats, jewelry, key chains, candles, decorative lanterns, room fresheners, etc.


The “Udaan” products are retailed at the leading stores in India, like the Sapna Book House of Bangalore, which is one of the largest book houses in Asia. The products have also been accepted by the corporate sector as CSR initiatives, where exhibition of the products are held throughout the year.  Some of their key patrons for Exhibitions include, Tata Interactive Systems, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Patni Computer Systems Ltd., Accenture, WNS Global Services Pvt. Ltd., Wipro India Ltd., ATOS Origin, NIIT, Reliance Mutual Fund, Merck Ltd., IDBI Gilts Ltd., JSW, The Leela, etc.


Tribal women are usually poorer than rural village women, but their art and craft skills are known across the globe for their unique beauty and charm. Fully aware of this fact, Sa-Ni-Sa has focused on training them in handicrafts rather than food products. Udaan is the Tribal upliftment program and the brand of Sa-ni-Sa. The journey of Udaan has been a challenging one, since these women are most unwilling to think about their future. Udaan commenced their employment generation program with training them first in making Diyas, but the quick grasp in learning  amongst the rural women and the further urge to learn more has helped the organization expand range of their handmade products and set up the first ever Vocational Training Centre in Sudhagad, Maharashtra. This festive season has filled them with the confidence and a zest to do more as the entire range of gifting solution is at the costumer’s doorstep now.

Some article made by tribal women ... have a look .. these all are very nice ...!


About Shramik Naari Sangh (Sa-Ni-Sa)


Shramik Naari Sangh (Sa-Ni-Sa) thrives to integrate the talent of contemporary and less-privileged women to build an ‘inclusive’ society. The management and creative side of the Society represents a team of like-minded women from mainstream who initiate projects with the objective of economic uplift and empowerment of less-privileged women in India. The activities are centered to harness the untapped talent of disadvantaged women and provide a platform for entrepreneurship.


Sa-Ni-Sa’s reform initiatives are aimed at mitigating the dire social and economic conditions that undermine the progress of less-privileged women. It engages enterprising women in programs that utilize their skills and train them to scale newer heights, foster a sense of entrepreneurship and above all, creates opportunities to attain financial independence. The initiatives are based on the premise that the families of aware, skilled and independent women should not fall by the wayside just because the innate entrepreneurial talent of these women has not been channeled productively.


You can also visit: - www.sanisa.co.in


For further details please contact:

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Sunil R

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