"Access your Personal Computer from Anywhere"

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If you are travelling and you need a file which resides in your Personal Computer then what 
will you do?

Don’t worry I am here to help you friends :)

Here I am going to describe some tools through which you can easily access your Personal Computer.

Opera Unite, by using this tool one can easily turn his computer into a web server and can access documents on that computer from any other web browser. Opera Unite is a standard web server and it allows us to download files directly from the computer without uploading.

To understand what it is, here is a good example. Suppose you want to send your friend a large file, you will first have to upload it to some 3rd party hosting provider and then share the link with your friend. Instead, with Opera Unite you can share the file directly from your computer. In short, Opera Unite kills the need of having to upload the files to a 3rd party hosting provider and gives you full control over your content. In a similar way you can send messages, chat live, and access your friend’s music library all from within a browser. When you get full control over your content, you won’t have to follow the rules and guidelines laid down by the hosting companies anymore.
***more tools are there in present time...will tell you about them all soon...!!

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