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Lakhs of Facebook users quit after getting hacked

Around 60 Lakhs of Facebook accounts have been hacked since Sunday night with 2 lakhs from Bangalore, India only. This has forced lakhs of regular and active Facebook users quit. This is because most of these people’s accounts were hacked and the link to their morphed porn pictures were sent as a feed to their friends and social circle. So, out of embarassment, they decided to quit the Facebook which they have been using for years. This is not a first time that a FB account getting hacked. In fact, such incidents have become very common these days ever since Facebook has gained immense popularity. Millions of people worldwide are using this social networking site – facebook with a majority of them don’t even know about the underlying security and privacy threats. This makes the job easier for the hackers who get into these people’s accounts via some fake links etc.

How the Facebook Account were Hacked [Spam Links]

Hackers made use of fake or spam links to get into Facebook users account. Basically, they made people click on those spam links and rest of jobs was done quite easily.
SPAM Link ‘Bangalore police: Party till the wee hours, 11.30 PM ban lifted’

This was one of the three spam links that were used to hack into Facebook accounts. Clicking on spam link “Bangalore police: Party till the wee hours, 11.30 PM ban lifted”, takes the users to a photo of a popular pub in the city which ask for a confirmation ‘You really think this could happen?’. Once user click on this, the account is hacked and hacker makes use of the hacked account to send series of unstoppable torrents of XXX porn to the users friends. Around 15000 people from Bangalore only fell for this spam link and got their account hacked.
Spam Link – Date a stripper in Bangalore

This was another spam link used to hack into people’s Facebook account. Clicking on this spam link automatically transfers photos from user’s accounts to porn sites. The link to the porn site is then set as the status message for the hacked user and same is sent to his/her friends circle as a feed.
Spam Link “Popular Sandalwood actress raped and murdered”

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