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** you should be able to solve them in 17 minutes **      DATE: 19 OCT, 2011

  1. The product of two successive number is 6972. Which is the greatest number? a)85  b)83  c)82  d)86  e)none
  2. 'A' can complete a piece of work in 12 days and 'B' can complete the same piece of work in 16 days.In how many days 'A'  and 'B' together complete same piece of work?  a)16/3  b)45/7  c)17/3  d)48/7
  3. If  56a + 56b =1008 , what is the average of a and b?  a)6  b)9  c)12  d)18  e)none
  4. If the amount of rupees 1,39,567 is distributed equally amongst 75 people , how much amount each person gets?     a)1829  b)1734  c)1861  d)1795  e) 1898
  5. 15% of  25% of  5/6th of a number is 330. what is the number.  a)10280  b)10660  c)10560  d)9900 e)none
  6. the ratio of the length and bredth of the rectangular park is 71 : 61 respectively. The area of the plot is 17324 sq metres. What is the perimeter of the plot?   a)284m  b)528 m  c)264 m  d)614 m  e)none
  7. The cost of 7 desk and 9 chair is Rs 7,212.what is the cost of 21 chairs and 27 desks.   a)Rs 21,665  b)Rs 20,976  c)Rs 21,710  d)cannot be determined  e)none
  8. A,B,C,D and E are 5 consecutive odd numbers.The average of  5 number is 25.What is the product of C & E?  a)675  b)725  c)575  d)621  e)none
  9. What amount of compound interest can be obtained on an amount of Rs 4,800 @ 6 p.c.p.a at the end of two years.   a)Rs 544.96  b)Rs 576  c)Rs 593.28  d) Rs 588
  10. If (28)^2 is added to the square of the number, the answer so obtained is 1808. What is the number?  a)34  b)26  c)36  d)32  e)none

solution: 1. e   2. d   3. b   4. c   5. c   6.  b   7. d   8. d    9. c   10. d

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