10 Best Looking Android Themes for Google Chrome

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The best Android inspired themes available for Google Chrome. With the emergence of Android OS based smart-phones, its fan-base has been growing at a rapid rate. Android chrome theme requests have always been pretty high among our readers. Many of our forum members like androidfan,wanted us to post a collection of Android based themes. So here is our list of android themes for Chrome.
My personal favorites are the Robot Theme and the Green Robot Theme because of their simplicity and clean look. The beauty of these themes is the fact that one can easily make out the text on tabs without needing to focus too much. Kudos to the creators..

Top Android Inspired Google Chrome Themes

Honey Chrome Theme

Green Robot Theme for Chrome

Chrome Android™ for Google Chrome™

Android Group Theme

Theme Black Circuit

Android™ IceCream Sandwich Theme for Google Chrome™

Honeycomb Android™ Theme for Google Chrome™

Blue Robot Theme

Lao Droid Theme

Do let us know how you find this theme collection by expressing your views in comments.
thank you enjoy !


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