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A 14-year-old boy from Pune has come up with his own social networking site,Zettaconnect.co.in with interesting features like Facebook. 

The eight standard student, Vignesh Sundarajan launched the social networking site on Jan 21 after four months of conscientious efforts. Zetta means a bit of memory in computer language and connect is to connect with people, Vignesh explained in response to the name of the site.

He created the social networking site using computer languages like C, HTML and PHP.

The Pune lad could well be answer to Facebookfounder Mark Zuckerberg, who has always claimed that the immensely popular Facebook was "an accident in creativity."

Meanwhile, the site offers games, chatting, uploading of photos and videos etc. Currently, the site has 26 members including his friends and family members. Vignesh has registered for the website with his pocket money of Rs 99 per day and he is hopeful to shift the site to .com once he starts making money.

link : http://zettaconnect.co.in/index.php/en/

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