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Consequences of fake emails
v Email from your Email ID to any Security Agency declaring a Bomb Blast can make you spend rest of your life behind the iron bars.
v Email from you to your Girl friend or Boy friend can cause Break-Up and set your friend’s to be in relationship.
v Email from your Email ID to your Boss carrying your Resignation Letter or anything else which you can think of.
v There can be so many cases drafted on Fake Emails.
Proving a fake Email
v Every Email carry Header which has information about the Travelling Path of the Email
v Check the Header and Get the location from the Email was Sent
v Check if the Email was sent from any other Email Server or Website
v Headers carry the name of the Website on which the mail sending script was used.
Email Bombing
v Email Bombing is sending an Email message to a particular address at a specific victim site. In many instances, the messages will be large and constructed from meaningless data in an effort to consume additional system and network resources. Multiple accounts at the target site may be abused, increasing the denial of service impact.

Email Spamming
v Email Spamming is a variant of Bombing; it refers to sending Email to hundreds or thousands of users (or to lists that expand to that many users). Email spamming can be made worse if recipients reply to the Email, causing all the original addressees to receive the reply. It may also occur innocently, as a result of sending a message to mailing lists and not realizing that the list explodes to thousands of users, or as a result of a responder message (such as vacation(1)) that is setup incorrectly.
Email Password Hacking
v There is no specified attack available just to hack the password of Email accounts. Also, it is not so easy to compromise the Email server like Yahoo, Gmail, etc.
v Email Password Hacking can be accomplished via some of the Client Side Attacks. We try to compromise the user and get the password of the Email account before it reaches the desired Email server.

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