Mauka : Removing Gaps Between College and Corporate

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Yesterday I register myself as a member at mauka. Finest website which help students to find perfect Internship opportunities in corporate world. That is why I am saying Mauka: Removing Gaps Between College and Corporate.

I will suggest to all my reader to do register at Mauka for chance to get a good internship option in future.

Lets know about the founder of this company:

Abhiram Muddu is the co-founder and Vice-President Corporate Partnerships at MAUKA, an organization which aims to bridge the gap between colleges and corporates.

He is currently working as an intern at Indian Youth Climate Network, Hyderabad and has been working on various environmental issues.

He is passionate about photography and has led a team of photographers at BITS Pilani Hyderabad in the capacity of Head of Department of Photography.

He is currently pursuing his Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering and simultaneously his Masters in Biosciences at BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus. Abhiram Muddu was born and brought up in Vizag and is currently living in Hyderabad.

About Mauka 

Mauka is an arena that is mainly motivated to abridge the thin line between the students and the corporate world.
They, at Mauka believe that small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises. With this belief in mind, we work together to help students sail their way into the professional world, may be in an easier way. We provide opportunities that could take you to your dream job in the form of internships, summer projects, freelance projects- to name a few.
Students require a job that would match their profile and interests; the companies require students who would fit into their work culture. The ultimate goal of both students and companies is the same- the terminology being different. In our terms, we call it EMPLOYABILITY. We strive hard to enhance the employable skills of the students with all the opportunities we offer on our website.
If you have a vision, we have a mission of making your dreams come true !
You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist- A very famous quote coined by Mrs. Indira Gandhi is as much true today as it was 20 years back.
So join hands with us to embrace the myriad of opportunities that are waiting for you !
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