app that blocks out baby pictures on Facebook!

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app that blocks out baby pictures on Facebook!

Are you tired of baby pictures which show up on your Facebook feed? Unbaby it!
Now you can download a new service that will automatically replace all the baby photos on your Facebook feed with pictures of something more palatable- like cats or album covers, Los Angeles Times reported.
The service called Unbaby.Me is a photo-replacing plug-in, the brainchild of three New Yorkers Yvonne Cheng, Chris Baker and Pete Marquis who work together in an advertising agency.

"We were having drinks one night after work and were joking around about how Facebook is just lousy with babies, and wouldn't it be funny if you could replace all those photos with cats," Cheng was quoted by the paper as saying.

The friends contacted a developer to help them make their joke a reality. Cheng said it took about one month from the initial conversation to the launch of Unbaby.Me.

The plug-in can be downloaded from the Chrome Web store. Once it is running, it will scan your Facebook feed for key words such as "cute," "adorable" and "first birthday"- trigger words that indicate a baby photo may be attached.

You can also add your own key words.

Then it replaces the baby photo with a different photo from an RSS feed of pictures. The current default feed is cat photos.

Cheng insisted that not wanting to see pictures of babies on Facebook does not correlate to not liking babies at all.

"Personally, I don't hate babies. I love babies. But I do get tired of looking at babies," she added.

"I think we just addressed the fact that people use social networks for different reasons, and I guess because of the age we are, the majority of people we knew were just using to post pictures of their babies," she said.

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