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tags: , , , , , , , , , , , is a marketplace to "Discover Unique Indian Products" including Handmade, Vintage, Ethnic, Organic and Natural products from India.

Here is an Interview from the founder of the company - Monica Gupta

Monica Gupta, Founder

1.      Please describe and why you open this company?

Craftsvilla is an online platform where Indian artisans and craftsmen can directly with global consumers. It is basically an online store for handmade, handcrafted, organic and natural products.

The inspiration of Craftsvilla started after founder Monica Gupta’s road trip where she found many artisans and craftsmen who made wonderful creations yet were struggling to make ends meet.

The problem was that these artisans were selling their products to middlemen who paid them very low for their creations. These third parties then themselves sold the items at inflated rates in the market. Being from the rural areas, the artisans weren’t educated enough nor had the resources to market their products. Many of them were on the verge of quitting.

Monica believed that if the same scenario continued, a time would come when many of our artisans would have quit and we would have lost many of these ethnic crafts.

On returning from Kutch, Monica sat down with her husband Manoj Gupta and discussed about a platform where these artisans could directly with consumers. This was the genesis of Craftsvilla where artisans can open their own shop and showcase their creations.

2.      How you and your Craftsvilla try to attract customers about your services?
We greatly rely on word of mouth and repeat customers to spread the word. We believe that if you offer customers has received good service the first around in terms of shipment and product quality, he or she would not only be inclined to buy again but they will also spread the word about us and this is one of the most important cogs of our online marketing.

We also attract customers through other social mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc and through paid ads and through SEO. 

3.      Are customers really satisfied with your services?
Customers are satisfied with our services because we place a great emphasis on customer experience. We also send a small surprise gift to our customers along with the orders and generally when you receive something extra that you hadn’t ordered for, it doubles your happiness.

Also unlike other ecommerce sites, we aren’t competing with the brand phenomenon because we don’t have those on our site. What we are selling are unique creations which are tough to find either online or even offline. So we are offering customers something different from the usual ecommerce space.

Customers who shop at Craftsvilla end up invariably shopping 4-5 times a year with us.

4.      Tell me some interesting feedback which you got from your customers? Any two.

There was one of these customers of her from the US who had never heard of Warli Art but so enamored was she by one of the Warli paintings, that she bought it. She says that if it wasn’t for Craftsvilla, she wouldn’t have discovered such a beautiful art form. Making more people aware of our rich culture is an extremely important part of our business and we really believe that we managed to convert this customer into an Indian art lover.

Also many of our customers feel happy when they receive the handwritten note by the founder because it really adds a real personal touch to the entire experience which we always try to do.

5.      Craftsvilla provide online payment or cash on delivery services ?
We do have cash in advance and cash on delivery services. Customers can also pay through their credit or debit card or via net banking. One can also pay for their products through Paypal services. Most of our international customers opt for this service.

6.      As you know Cyber Crime is growing day by day, so how you protect Craftsvilla from malicious hackers?
"We use encryption and secure authentication protocols in protecting our database and code. All our transactions are supported by sophisticated authentication protocols which ensure no data theft while transaction data is moving between our server and customer's PC. Also we use firewalls to protect from malicious attacks like denial of service."

7. What is your target and vision regarding Craftsvilla?

Our vision with Craftsvilla is to create a global brand for Indian arts and crafts. For years now, India has been one of the biggest exporters of handicrafts but are artisans live under pitiable conditions.

Ours is a platform where we are making an effort to accommodate all kind of Indian handicrafts under one roof and make them a global brand and we believe we would be able to do so the way we are on course to do so.

Founder and Co-Founder - Mr. Manoj and Mrs Monica Gupta 

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