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While doing Research on Web Development  I found a website which is very interesting and nice to make a website. I request to all my reader to have a look on this website. IM Creator

Though am by no means a web designer or developer, I often wish I could build a website on my own. That’s why I was intrigued by the new website development tool IM Creator, which lets you quickly design a webpage without having to know any code.

IM-Creator is a new way to create your website: choose a design, insert your content and publish it to the world – all in one simple, clear and seamless process.

They initially built IM-Creator as a solution for our friends & family- they were in need of a website but the process frustrated them.
It was just too complicated, expensive and confusing- they spent time & money but many of them gave up even before completing the process.

Then they decided to solve it.

IM-Creator is all about making website building a simple and enjoyable experience, accessible for everyone.

Their team of web-design professionals and developers will make sure you always have the finest collection of web-designs, easiest editing environment and reliable hosting, all so you’ll have a great sustainable website.

IM-Creator is powered by Google & Amazon, creating robust and reliable foundations for your website.

IM Creator is a WYSIWYG editor, meaning what you see is what you get. Designing with IM Creator feels a bit like using Photoshop. You start with a blank white canvas and have a myriad of elements such as widgets, text, video, slideshows, basic HTML boxes and more. Each element can be re-sized and positioned anywhere on the canvas. The big difference from Photoshop, besides that application’s more advanced editing tools, is that once you’re done designing in IM Creator, you just hit publish and then you have a live website. There are some nice extra touches as well, such as being able to easily add search engine optimization (SEO) tags and Google Analytics.

Before you fire your web designer or developer, IM Creator has some restrictions you should keep in mind. You are limited to the design elements provided, and while there is an HTML box, you have to know HTML to understand what goes in there. Also, any graphics still have to be created and uploaded, so a designer would be needed to make your site visually appealing. This tool may actually be most useful and desirable to designers who lack any front-end web development skills.

IM Creator is one of the easiest and more flexible website creators I’ve used to date. The only issue I see is with the company’s business model. To publish your site to a unique URL, you have to subscribe to a monthly hosting option provided by IM Creator. While comparable to other hosting options in price, not having a choice might be enough to make potential customers jump ship.

The Israel-based company, founded in 2011. 

How does it work?

Step 1 – Choose a Design: each month they publish dozens of new templates to accommodate  needs: portfolio websites for designers, photographers and artists, websites for business professionals, websites for restaurants and more. Check out their catalog and choose the design that will fit you best. All templates are wisely-structured and come with compelling and relevant content, so they’re pretty close to completion. Their goal is to provide you an “almost-done” site.

Step 2 – Customize: after selecting a design, you can start inserting your content – text, pictures, videos etc. It’s all very simple. Just click on the element you wish to edit and insert your content. IM-Creator will then adapt your content to the existing design, hassle-free for you.

All of our designs come with suggested structure and pages. However, you can always change it as you wish and add/delete pages. Simple and flexible.

If you encounter any issues when you create your site, click on the “support” tab and the IM-Creator support team and community will be there to assist you.

Step 3 – Publish: once you finished creating your website, you can connect it to your existing domain or purchase a new one. It’s a fast & easy process and at the end you’ll have a live, easy to update and Google-friendly website (you can even have your own email!).

Its Free but they have their advance offers (premium and pro), Click here to see in details.

For Step by step creation tutorial visit here
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