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I am making this post for my all readers to let you know about the new application I just added to my blog on the top of the right-hand column- it’s called Wizpert because now I am one of the expert on Wizpert.

I was recently contacted by Michael Weinberg, CEO of Wizpert about becoming an expert on his website and of course I jumped on the opportunity. He said that I can give answers for questions and queries related to computers, programming or social media to the users for their Wizpert platform. I have to say that I’m extremely excited to be a part of this site and cannot wait until I get the chance to help my first person. 

Actually I know the question rattling in your mind is probably, “What exactly a wizpert is ?” Isn’t it ?

I’m glad you asked!  Keep reading and I’ll tell you!

You can find the answer to plenty of questions online, but sometimes it’s helpful to chat with a particularly knowledgeable human. New York City-based Wizpert aims to simplify the process of finding and chatting with experts instantly — and in the process, the startup is moving one step ahead of hot Q&A outfits like Quora.
You can think of Wizpert as an IT help desk for life. The company recruits knowledgeable bloggers, which it calls “Wizperts,” across topics like computers, technology, programming, exercise, health/wellness, and parenting and many more. Advice seekers can connect to Wizperts via their blogs or the service’s website, and most importantly, they can begin conservation within seconds.

This is a great chance to try out this new venture with me also because to get started each Wizpert begins in“free” mode until they get a few good reviews from callers on Skype.  So, if you or someone you know would like to “chat”, then grab a cup of coffee and get your Skype account pulled up on your computer while I am still offering advice for free.  I would love to connect with you through Wizpert – just make sure to leave an honest review at the end of our conversation.

And one more think I want to tell that you can ask me about Computer Programming i.e. SQL, Java, C/C++, JavaScript only because I chooses this topics for provide answers to you all guys.

I am excited to see what God has prepared for me to share with you tomorrow – until then !

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