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For all Security guy, here is an awesome certified exam on "Cyber Crime Protection Program" organised by Asian School of Cyber Law in collaboration with Data64.

This FREE program is a must for anyone with a computer, a smart phone, a PDA, a facebook account, an online banking account or even an email account.
This program will also help you understand:
  • What is cyber crime?
  • How to secure a laptop / desktop from hackers?
  • How to secure a smartphone from hackers?
  • How to secure a PDA from hackers?
  • How to secure your email / social networking account?
  • How to avoid becoming a victim of phishing?
The exam contained 20 questions and to get certificate you have to score at least 50%  i.e. 10 marks out of 20. Simple questions, just true and false options.
So, Guys go ahead and take the exam..
All The Best 
To begin, visit at the website 
Certificate of mine 

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